Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My kids travel- shouldn't yours?

I was talking to a group of parents the other morning, when one dad started talking about his fears of flying with his daughter, "I won't take her anywhere we can't drive to until she is five"


Here is my reality- I love to travel.  LOVE it.  My husband loves to travel.  And frankly, if we weren't willing to travel with kids, we might not have them.  It has always seemed clear enough to me; if you want your kids to sleep through noise- make noise while they sleep, if you want them to be comfortable around other people- expose them to other people, and if you want them to travel- travel with them!  My oldest daughter flew for the first time at 9 months old, the little one at 8 weeks... it's stressful, harrowing, exhausting and totally worth it!   So pack a few diapers and lets hit the road!!

Bon Voyage!

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